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Dictionary metadata fields

When you add an Online Dictionary to the site, you can record a lot of information about the dictionary. This helps people understand how the dictionary was created, what it contains and how to use it. It also helps people to find the dictionary on the site, for example by searching for it.

The information about the dictionary is called metadata. The metadata about each online dictionary is stored in a set of fields. Site users who are Editors can change the information in these fields.

This article explains what the metadata fields are for online dictionaries, and how to use them.

Note that dictionaries can be added to the site in two different ways:

  1. A document which contains a dictionary (e.g. a PDF file or Word document) should be uploaded as a Digital Heritage item. There is a separate help article about the metadata fields for Digital Heritage items.
  2. An Online Dictionary is a set of HTML files (and other accompanying files e.g. audio files, images, CSS and Javascript) which is embedded within the website itself. Normally these files are produced by a program such as Lexique Pro.

This help article is about the second type of dictionary.

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