Wen yuma guwin ya, yuma garra sabi, la dis fouda ma en rikoding ma, sambala pipurl bin finish na. En wi garra rispek alabat.
When you enter this website, be aware that there are photos and recordings of people who have passed away. We must treat them with respect.


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Welcome to Ngukurr Language Centre's online Library.

Don't speak Kriol?

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This is the online, browsable version of the Ngalakgan dictionary. It is also available as a set of PDF documents.
Gujarndah Urapunga Schoolka [.jpeg]
Worksheet to revise pandanus related vocabulary includes answer key
Reformatted version of the text about bush medicine.
Kriol, Ngalakgan
Video describing the languages spoken at Ngukurr: Part A: Language of Ngukurr CEC Part B: Language in the Community. [NOTE: Black screen from 58:30 through to end]
Alawa, Kriol, Mangarrayi, Marra, Ngalakgan, Ngandi, Nunggubuyu, Rembarrnga, Warndarrang

What's in the library?

We have a great collection of cultural materials in our online library.

Stories, songs, dictionaries, photos, audio and video recordings and more.

Materials have been collected and contributed from many sources, including community members, the Language Centre itself, others who have lived or worked in the community, and archives including those of AIATSIS.

Many of the items feature the traditional languages spoken in and around the Ngukurr area. Some items also feature Roper River Kriol which is also commonly spoken in Ngukurr.

Some of the material is available for public viewing and other materials are only for restricted use within the community.

Please remember that all items in the library are copyright. For permission to use the materials, please contact the Ngukurr Language Centre.

How to use the library

To get started, click any of the links along the library menu (e.g. Pipurl, Ridim, etc.) and start browsing. If you see a list of items, click on one to see more information about it.

You can select materials in a particular language by clicking on a language name in the language menu at the top of the page. To see materials in all languages, click Ebirri langgus. Selecting the English language also shows materials in all languages. We are still in the process of developing our online library, so for some languages, you won't find any materials yet.

On the Lukabat (Browse) page, you can filter for items by language, category and more. You can also search for items using keywords.

For more detailed help information, please see the Help section of this website.

On that page you can also read more about our metadata fields and how to use them.

Technical information

The online library runs on a heavily customised version of Mukurtu, an open source Content Management System built on the Drupal platform. Mukurtu aims to empower communities to manage and preserve their cultural materials following their own social and cultural systems.

Hu bin dum dijanaya? Acknowledgements

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Development of the online library was a collaborative project between Ngukurr Language Centre and Languagewise (www.languagewise.com.au), an Australian organisation helping communities to maintain and strengthen their languages.

Australian Government Indigenous Languages Support Logo

The initial development of this website and online library was funded by Australian Government Indigenous Languages Support.

We thank the Mukurtu project for generously providing their open source code base, which formed the foundations for the online library.

Partners: CivicActionsDrupalOpenwallMukurtu

For more acknowledgements of the many people who contribute to the Language Centre, please see the Langgus Senta page.